Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Move along...nothing to see here

Hey folks! As it says above, there's really not much going on here. I've been watching an assload of movies, as I have all this free time, and seemed to have developed a full-blown love of Clive Owen in a very short period of time. The accent - so yummy! The voice! The bod! Y-U-M. My friend asked me if I had a Clive film festival this weekend, and while it seems like I did, I didn't plan it in advance. Saturday while A was at work, King Arthur was on TV, then we got a video on Sunday evening and I was all, hey you've wanted to see Sin City for a while, let's get it (see how I made it seem like it was all his idea?). Then JB told me that I really needed to see Beyond Borders, so I went on Tuesday and rented that. I tried to hide it from A because I knew he would make fun of me, but then he saw it! haha. And, you guessed it, made fun of me. I apologize for NOTHING! He's hot do you hear me? HOT!

That's really it, sadly. I rejoined Netflix and so far we've just gotten Entourage, which isn't as good as I had heard. And I just saw in People that they did a poll and something like 60% of people preferred Jeremy Piven to Adrien Grenier!? Wha? I mean, Piven is OK, but Grenier has that hair and is just so mussed and cute. People are weird man.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oh lordy

Just a quick note to say you must watch this. It's Henry Rollins' Love Letter to Ann Coulter (please note: teeny bit of rough language at the end, you might want to watch the volume if you're at work).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Consummatum est, motherfuckers!

Done! Finished! Finito! The Boards, they be OVER!

Yes, they're done. On Tuesday I went into the Ohio State Fairgrounds a girl and came out a woman. Not really, but it was a life-altering event. The test itself was OK -- I feel mostly confident in my performance -- but it was a very stressful 3 months since school ended waiting and worrying about them. There were a few disasters big and small:

* I forgot clean underwear and had to borrow some from my sister (gross schmoss, we're related!)
* I went the wrong way on the highway on the way there. Only a momentary delay, as I knew where I was and got us right back on the way
* I momentarily forgot my box of #2 pencils in the car and had to rush back to get them
* The power went out during the first test for about 10 minutes. I was near the end and could mostly see my test, but the poor folks in the middle just had to sit there in the dark

It was really nice to see all my classmates again....everyone seems to be doing well.

So now I have all this free time that I don't have to spend studying or worrying about the test or feeling guilty for not studying, and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself! Perhaps A and I will go rollerblading, as I found some safety gear for him at Target. Ahh, Target, you come through again.

Maybe I should start taking opinions as to what hobby people think I should take up.

Also went to a retirement party at my old office. Most people weren't there (rude much??) but of course Mr. Craftsman was. I completely ignored him and he ignored me, it was lovely!! Had some snacks and got to hang with the people I do like. Plus a very very old friend was there, all the way from DC. Wow!

That's it from here! Hope everyone is doing well. Oh, I saw The Lake House last weekend and it wasn't bad! I didn't expect it to be good and it really wasn't, but entertaining nonetheless. We also rented Match Point, which was great! Especially for a Woody Allen joint. Definite 2 thumbs up.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Me again

Who'd you expect? Just a quick update to say hey all and thanks for everyone's support for the boards on Tuesday. It's almost time!!! I got the greatest study care package EVER today (thanks JB!). All the sugar will, I'm sure, help me concentrate on studying. I have recruited A to help with a practice test, and I've got some super study sessions planned for Sunday and all day Monday. Then it will be zero hour and no time to study no mo'. It will be good to see all the folks from my class, as well as Mark (our intrepid instructor). All the instructors come and hang around asking "What did they ask?" as you come out. I believe some of them bring snacks too! Mark, I'm looking at you!

I've got my entrance materials in my car so I won't forget them, and I bought a dozen #2 pencils and sharpened them all in preparation. A made fun of me for it but I figure 1) it's best to be prepared and 2) there are likely to be others who need a pencil and 3) it was 99 friggin' cents for a box of them.

That's it from here! Back to the studying grindstone. Ooh, check this out. It's tres funny.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Missing notecard update

I found them! And am now fully-able to study muscles to my heart's content. They were actually in a bag full of notecards I had rejected as unimportant, so I'm going to blame A on this one (shh, don't tell him!).

It's basically the SSDD around here (you know, same shit, different day). Studying, studying and feeling like I should be studying. Had the last real review class on Sunday -- next Sunday's is optional (although, let's face it, they were all optional for slackers like me) and will involve kind of a free-for-all of question answering and whatnot. I'm undecided as to whether or not I will go -- I feel like I could get more productive studying done on my own, but the question is, will I? It just doesn't seem to warrant the 160 mile round-trip drive when I will be heading back up there to take the actual test Monday night. I did recover my Illustrated Atlas of Skeletal Muscles that I had accidentally left behind last weekend, so that's good. It has PURTY pictures that help my brain understand things.

Other than that, the weather has been nice and cool and I gave Morty a bath and Anna's butt a silly-looking haircut! I would have trimmed her all over but she was shaking and giving me the puppy dog eyes so I took pity on her and let her go. So she kind of looks normal (for her) from the front, but her butt is all trimmed and her tail is so pathetically small when you take away all that hair it makes me laugh. Poor girl! Morty was FILTHIER than anything I've ever seen and of course now is back to being just about as dirty. Silly doggie.

Had a KILLER headache yesterday and I was recovering at home this morning. It's still there, lingering, but it's about 98% better than yesterday, for which I am thankful. I was pretty darn miserable yesterday. BOO HOO!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


And I have the sticker to prove it! On my hand. Because, really, I'm 5 and I like putting stickers on myself. Not too much going on, I'm in the coffeehouse sort-of studying but really surfing the web and buying shit from iTunes. Most recent acquisition: Lori McKenna. Sort of an alt-country, folksy-type chick. Check her out! Or throw me a line and I'll burn you a CD.

Haven't been doing much except studying and then spending the rest of my time thinking "I should be studying!". I did get some quality studying in yesterday, in 2 separate sessions no less! Took 2 mock exams and did OK -- not as great as I would have hoped, but a good starting point. I did poorly pretty much on the stuff I knew I needed to study anyway, so that's good. I seem to have misplaced a huge chunk of myology notecards -- all the important muscles, as a matter of fact, that we pulled out for the final. I cleaned a good deal yesterday and thought I would find them for sure, but no luck. If I were a pile of notecards, where would I be?

Here's the back of A's newly-bald head, in case you were wondering what he looks like without his baby hair!!

Also yesterday I went to get an estimate on the damage to my car. Seriously, it's so insignificant you can barely even tell unless you're looking at it directly and guess what the damage was? Seven freakin' hundred dollars!! WTF dude? Both places came up with about the same amount, which really blows my mind. I mean, 8 years ago when that asshole lawyer RIPPED OFF the bumper of my Honda, it only cost $500! Anyway, the person who hit it seems OK and her insurance agent is supposed to call me this week. . Why such a pain in the ass? They said it's also going to take 2 days since they have to pain, which is even more annoying.

That's really about it from here.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The weather hates me

I really really need to study and the freakin' weather just isn't cooperating -- sunny and 75? How am I supposed to sit inside and study when the weather is like that? I had a dream, I had an awesome dream last night that the boards were over! And I was so happy...must buckle down and study. And no one's even emailing me to distract me! What's up with that?

I'm in a coffee shop and the woman beside me apparently ordered 9 things, because they keep calling her name! (which, by the way, is Darcy -- Mariya, potential name?? People will think you're obsessed with Jane Austen but it's better than Robert Langdon). I believe I accidentally ate another Erin's sandwich -- they called "ERIN" so I went up and was briefly surprised to see my sandwich on an english muffin, but I figured what the hell, they're really busy (some huge crowd of strange-talking foreigners -- Dutch maybe?), so I'll just eat it. But then a few minutes later, I hear "ERIN" again and then I hear some talking and she doesn't come back with a sandwich but then they call her a little bit later. WHOOPS. I really would have preferred a croissant, but whatever. Think they still have that sandwich back there and I could eat it too?

That's it from here. Just random ramblings to prevent me from having to go home and study. Ooh! I know! I can go to the farmer's market. Why am I procrastinating so much? If you have any ideas, email me.

xoxo. Happy Weekend.