Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New doggie!

Hey all, just a quick post to let you know we got another dog! A originally wanted to wait until spring to find another dog, but last Thursday he got in the car and said "Want to go to the dog shelter?" and I wasn't about to argue. We found a cutie pie and the next morning, brought Anna the dog and Finn the cat to the shelter to meet him. Both were fairly indifferent, so we brought him home! We renamed him Dutch (after considering Foghorn Leghorn in memory of A's dad's fave cartoon character). So far he's been a great little dog -- he's mostly (knock on wood) house trained, he mostly ignores that cats, and he mostly comes when called. He irritates Anna a little, but once he gets neutered (Nov. 11), we are assuming he'll stop trying to hump her all the time! He loves people and is super friendly and cuddly. I brought him to work with me on Monday and he was a big hit. A has been working with him on commands, and he seems to have already mastered sit and is working on lay down. He's very excitable, but if you put down something soft, he will just curl up on it and go to sleep. Yay!!

In other news, fall has come....Rhody the Rhode Island Red chicken actually had frost on her feathers this morning, poor bird. In other chicken news, I saw our Bard Rock lay an egg yesterday! It was pretty cool. I noted upon picking it up that the egg was still warm, to which my sister said "duh, it just came out of that chicken's butt!". Hardy har har. Mom and Dad were also visiting for the day and seeing all the improvements we've made to the homestead.

That's it from here!! Back to work.