Wednesday, May 31, 2006


OK so clearly I lied below when I said I was trying to be better and blog more. And the Miami trip? That is so, like, 2 trips ago. I have been travelling alot for work (excuse? not really, since I can access this thing from anywhere. Wait, did I say that out loud?). Went to Huntsville the beginning of May, just got back Monday night from a combo Washington DC/Baltimore/Jersey Shore trip with J and R. Fun fun fun! I think I got a little too used to the life of leisure at the beach....we did basically the bare minimum in terms of keeping ourselves functioning -- sleep and eat. Other than that, there was some music swapping (thanks J for owning everything under the sun!) and beach lounging. The weather was beautiful and then I get home after a long hard day of travelling and it's 90 friggin' degrees? WTF?

Anyway, to recap the last few months:
* Huntsville was very educational - new CAC director's training, where I learned that I'm not doing anything right! To the right is a picture of their amazing training facility. hee. But seriously, everyone felt the same way and it was kinda nice to be surrounded by other people who feel like they have no idea what they're doing. The blind leading the blind, as it were. I also had a nice massage at the Healing Arts Center, where they were very nice to me despite the fact that I didn't know they didn't take credit cards and didn't have enough cash (whoops!). If you're ever in Huntsville, definitely go. The people of Huntsville, I give you much love and adoration for your ridiculous levels of niceness. Why are ya'll so nice all the time?

* DC was fun, my conference was not as educational as Huntsville, but I got to meet all of the other crazy Ohio CAC people, which was entertaining! Them folks is nuts, I tell you whut. We ate alot, drank alot and had some fun (while learning, yes, learning!). The weather was nice in DC and we were right downtown so there was plenty to do within walking distance and I even conquered my ineptitude with public transportation and successfully navigated the Metro like 3 times! Go me.

* Headed to Baltimore on Wednesday the 24th to stay with an old friend from high school. You know, the one who was crazy and kinda slutty but who is now settled down with 2 kids. She's still rockin' like Dokken though, and her kids are uber-cute. One of them asked me the next morning "Am I ever going to see you again?" and my heart melted a little. Not enough to want to reverse A's vasectomy, but just a little. Unfortunately, Amtrak decided to have a meltdown of major proportions that day and yours truly got stranded in the Baltimore bus station. It's definitely not as bad/scary as you would imagine it being -- in fact, it was very well-lit and safe and clean. J had to come from PA to pick me up because it was going to take me forever to get somewhere I could meet her. So she picked me up, after a brief panicked period of being lost in downtown Baltimore, and we headed to the shore.

* New Jersey kicks ass. I wish I could live at the beach and be a bum. Well, a massaging bum, only working enough to pay for pancakes at the Sand Dollar and copious amounts of ice cream that you always seem to eat at the beach from Salty's. There was wireless in the house and waves right outside so what could be better? Think I could convince A to trade in his baker's duds for a beach umbrella and defect with me to NJ? Sadly, it probably wouldn't take much!

I had to fly home out of DC (long story, someone else paid for the ticket), so I spent most of Monday training, busing and metro-ing to National Airport. I was just kicking all kinds of public transportation ass. Made it home safely although I did a double-take when the pilot said it was 90 degrees. Jigga what? Jigga who?

Thankfully, it's supposed to cool down tomorrow. I'm back at work, being ultra-productive if you ask me (blogging time excluded of ourse). All my new office furniture came while I was away and is currently being assembled by our maintenance guys (thanks CJ and Rob!), so I'm kind of treading water over here waiting for that to happen. I have a huge box with chairs in the middle of my office that people keep having to trip over to get to the cabinet. And I'm pondering - should I go to a retirement party for someone I like at my old office? I'm not sure if I would be permitted in the building again! hee.

Other than that, just freaking a little about the massage board exam which is 3 weeks from yesterday (eeek!). I must study. I must! Being overconfident is wrong, wrong I say!

Listening to: Veronica Mars Soundtrack (shut up, it's good!)
Reading: Last Orders by Graham Swift (although it's so full of British-speak I had to consult a translator)
Most recent obsession: Pride and Prejudice (the version with Keira Knightley. A doesn't know it yet, but I bought it at Target on my way out of town and amused myself in the hotel by watching it! Alot. The dude who plays Darcy is superhot.)

Hope everyone's doing well! I don't want to promise I'll be better about blogging, so I just won't.


p.s. I almost forgot! I got a new car! And it's orange. And was promptly hit by someone, who I know but who shall remain nameless. At least she offered to pay for it. Here it is!