Monday, March 31, 2008

March: In like a lamb, out like a lamb?

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been remiss about writing, but things are busy, blah blah fishcakes. Truth is I'm somewhat lazy and I've been sick again too! I hate the stomach flu...let's just leave it at that.

Upcoming events include the fundraiser for work, and our 10th anniversary party! The party I think is going to be fun -- friends are coming in from out of town and hopefully lots of people will be there.

Other than that, we're waiting for Spring to arrive so we can do some home improvements. We got a new roof last week, which was super-exciting: now when it rains and/or the wind blows, it no longer sounds like the roof is going to come off. And - it's handsome! We got a kick-ass skylight in the porch area that's eventually going to become our bedroom and it is a great addition. Lets in more light than I even imagine. A is in love with the porch now.

In other news, isn't Wonder (left) disturbingly cute? He gave the other cats a rest from annoyance for a few days after he got his vaccinations, but now he's up to it again! Luckily, his 2 favorite activities are snuggling and going outside, so he's not really around to bug the other cats much.

Hope everyone is having a good Spring and staying healthy. Please send me some of those good vibrations....if I get sick one more time, I'm going to, well, be sick!