Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Holy Weather Batman!

OK, this weird weather has got to stop. I know, it's typical Ohio weather, but good lord, 70 one day and 32 the next? 52 yesterday and now you can't see anything, it's snowing so hard!? Dude.

Not much going on here this week. Did massages basically nonstop all weekend, including my day off on Monday. Think I may have gotten a new regular client (knock on wood) which is cool. Have clinic again tonight, which means 3 massages in a row, one of which is on our instructor's daughter, who also happens to be a Licensed Massage Therapist, so....eek! Slightly nervewracking. Got my application to take the massage boards in June done, including the 3 notary signatures, passport-style photos and the recommendations of 2 people who said I was of "good moral character". Fooled them huh? haha. Now I've just got to come up with the $250 and mail the sucker in.

Feeling jealous of Mariya, who's in the Bahamas!! NO FAIR!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Puppies and Kittens and Rainbows, oh my!


Just felt like sharing this funny picture with you. Hat? No, that's what my hair always looks like.

So this week is almost over. Thankfully, it's been much better than last week -- no flat tires or tow trucks in site, and I didn't fall down the stairs once. Good times. My clinicals went well last night -- I even got a tip!! $5, shh, don't tell Hocking College.

I just read an awesome interview with Jason Dohring, my TV boyfriend (OK, one of many) from Veronica Mars. He is so cute! And also says "dude" alot, which I totally dig. Dude! It's just such a great all-purpose word and can relay virtually any emotion. You practically don't have to think at all in your interactions with people -- just say "dude".

I've officially thrown in the towel here at work, which is kind of relaxing and refreshing! I'm just looking now for something else and beginning to get psyched about my upcoming new career (knock on wood that I pass the boards in June!). I had 3 massages in a row last night, and I've got 6 more scheduled from now until Monday, so go me! Hopefully some of these people will turn into long-term clients.

And.......BEST NEWS EVER!!! A's mom is coming home from Africa in 3 weeks!! From today, as a matter of fact. She has been gone for 2 years and we miss her like crazy. Best.Mother-in-Law.EVER. Seriously, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

In other news, we learned Reflexology this week, which was really cool. It hurts like hell in some places and is tough on your thumbs when you're the giver, but your feet feel so awesome afterwords.

Our dogs are doing fine, despite the fact that they had been eating contaminated dog food. I guess over 100 dogs have died, so we're thanking our lucky stars. There was a sad article in The Athens Messenger yesterday about a poor chow who lost her companion dog and who now has permanent liver damage and has to be fed Ensure through a syringe because she can't eat solid food. It was sad but the picture was so pathetically cute.

That's it from here! Hope everyone is having a good week. It's almost over people!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Bounjourrrrrrrrrrrrr 2006!

So this is my first entry of 2006! How are all of your 2006s going? I have to say, mine did not begin in an auspicious manner, as my slippers and the carpet on our stairs conspired against me at 10am on Jan 1 and I fell down the stairs on my ass. all....the....way.....down. It would have probably been amusing to watch as I bounced down each succeeding step on my ass, while, I believe, I was yelling "I'm faaaaaalllling down the staaaairs!!!!" for, I guess, A's benefit. I scared the shit out of him, but since I landed mostly on my padded buttocks, all was well. I was a little sore the next few days and I currently can't really move my neck (possibly related only to stress and not the fall), but otherwise: no harm, no foul. A has forbidden me to wear my slippers on the stairs anymore, and, like a good wife, I have mostly been complying.

Anyway, the year seems to have really begun now that I am back in school and everyone's back here in Athens. Uptown is teeming with students jaywalking every which-way, making it dangerous to be both a driver and a pedestrian, and the faculty are all back and all of them decided to submit proposals all at one time. It's a stressful time, but I have my Happy Bunny mini sign book to cheer me up (current sign: It's cute how stupid you are) and my new cat calendar - yes, I love cats, so sue me. For some reason, after having received NO calendars last year, got like 7 this year. Where to put them all? Some are freebies -- 2 alone from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, like aren't you guys supposed to be raising money instead of sending me 2 separate calendars? -- but 3 of them were actual gifts and need to be deployed somewhere. Perhaps I will bring them in and leave them for my coworkers, since our employer has decided they are too cheap to provide the calendars they used to give everyone which very helpfully told us when exams and the end of the quarters were, as well as university holidays and whatnot. .

Other than that, not much going on but the winter doldrums. Getting excited about finally being out of school, and about our clinic every Wednesday night. I'm going to get to work on so many different people! It will be interesting for sure and, let's face it, better than sitting in a lecture. I'm not crazy about the 3-nights-a-week thing, but I keep telling myself: IT'S ONLY 10 WEEKS. Say it with me now.

In other news, I love the new mug I got from Mar-Mar. It says "Childless Whore" and has a picture of a well-dressed young woman, sitting quietly drinking coffee and reading a book! I lurv it. Mar rocks.

Ciao dudes!