Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hi there!

Hi folks. I'm not keeping up on this blog like I should, be but whaddarya gonna do? I've been busy with the end of school and starting my new job, as well as planning and packing for my upcoming trip to Florida - yahoo! The dreary-ass Ohio weather is really starting to get old, so the prospect of beach and sun sounds fantastic. My new job is going to make a mega-trip to Staples, which of cours excited me because I'm an office supply nerd. Also got going on some actual procedures instead of just sitting around reading things and learning. Plus, did I mention the puppy?? I knew this was my dream job when I went into work on Thursday and the cutest little beagle-dachsund puppy was wandering around the office. SO CUTE!! By boss found him on her road and brought him in. He found a home almost immediately, at which I am not surprised. He was teeny tiny but his little face was adorable and he could wag his tail faster than I thought possible.

Also this week saw A's mom, who is visiting from NJ. Had a good time, just hanging out and drinking coffee and eating soup. She seems very well. We hope she'll come down and hang with us for a while.

That's about it from here! I really need to go home and clean, but who wants to do that? I hope everyone is doing well and if I don't write before Weds, I'll be home from Florida next week.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Long time, no blog!

Hey guys! Good to see you all. Sorry it's been so long since I updated. I've had a busy week -- ended one job (yay!), started another, and am in the midst of finals (like, the final finals!). Quite exciting. My new job is going really well, in that people are very nice here and seem actually glad to have me here! Quite a change from the crap I've been putting up with since the fall, as most of you know. I've learned tons in the past few days, and still have a giant binder and a folder full of pamphlets to go through, in addition to some books and one or more DVDs. My brain, she is full! I just got my phone and voice mail set up, and tomorrow I'm getting set up with email and my computer.

Yesterday was awesome -- my official first part-time day-off!! Ran errands, made my husband dinner (Best.Housewife.EVER!), prepared a tasty dish for our post-massage-final party, had breakfast with a pal and generally was very very productive! It was quite novel to hit the grocery store at not-9pm in the evening, which is usually the only time I have to go.

Finals have gone well so far -- 1 down, 1 to go. The one I was more stressed about (essay test, can't fake your way through that!) was yesterday, and the anatomy multiple choice test is tomorrow. I am somewhat concerned about it, but I feel basically competent, plus it's multiple choice, and I think I can get something like a 49 and still pass. Not that I'm going for that, but it takes the pressure off a little.

Other than that, not much here going on. A is starting a new job on Monday at a local bakery. I'm already scheduled to go to 2 conferences in May for my job (I TOLD you they were excited to have me here!), and may try and hit the beach after my 2nd conference.

Now I must away to be a productive employee and read the reams of paper waiting for me. Thanks everyone for your well wishes!! Email me if you want my new work contact info (phone, email, etc.).

Monday, March 06, 2006

Saturday/weekend update

So I stayed most of the day at the climbing competition, and did some massages, not alot, but some. Made some dough and met some cute little climbing kids (one of which was wearing a shirt that said "I do my own stunts" heh), got some studying done, so overall, not a bad day.

Watched the Oscars last night which were good (Jon Stewart), mostly predictable (damn why didn't I join an Oscar pool this year?), and yet ultimately disappointing. Crash? I mean, it had a great ensemble cast and was very well written and acted, and contained Important Themes, but it was a little anvillicious for my taste. Did you know we have race problems in America? And hey, what about those race problems? Geez, aren't those race problems a problem? I appreciate that the movie went there but it could have done it with alot more subtlety and grace. Brokeback Mountain was all about subtlety and quietness and grace. But you guys know I think that already. Anyway, Ang Lee won, and I learned 2 important lessons: Hollywood LOVES the montage and it's apparently hard out here for a pimp, "You Know, What with the Rent, the Gas Money, the Sexual Subjugation of Women, Etc." (E!Online)

Last Monday here!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Here I am, at a children's climbing competition. Yes, you heard correctly. I was asked to do chair massages here for the participants and their parents. $5 a pop I decided to charge! I'll be rolling in the bucks right? Well so far I've been here about 2 hours and not a one. The competition has really just gotten started though, as they're running behind. Conveniently, a computer lab about 100 feet away! Sadly, my self esteem was getting hammered watching 7 year olds climb up this wall I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. How can little tiny kids climb that high? Apparently it will get busier in the afternoon, so I'm going to leave and study for a bit, which I desparately need to do. Will check in later.

p.s. Battlestar Galactica ruled last night!

Friday, March 03, 2006

In like a lamb, out like a....SHIT!

OK so we're screwed. Wednesday, March 1 was warm and mostly sunny. Therefore, all hell will break loose and we'll have a blizzard towards the end of the month. Come to think of it, I'm going to Florida on the 28th or 29th (I can't remember which) so bring it on Mother Nature! As long as my plane gets out before the worst of it.

It's been a great week, the countdown has begun to my last day here. It's sad after 6 years to have to leave because of, well, you know.....but he randomly took a vacation day my last day her, so at least we won't have to have the awkward conversation where I ask him to get the hell out of my farewell lunch!

That's it from here. Have a packed weekend planned, plus I should be studying. Later folks!