Monday, August 28, 2006

Nerf is a jerk

So here is Nerf. This is a common stance for her, the one I call "plaintive wailing". She is a stupid stupid cat, that Nerf. Pardon me for saying so (you know I love all cats) but that cat is missing a few million neurons in her tiny little brain. Anyway, so as most of you know, we moved this weekend (more on that later) and Nerf was very very confused by our new house. "Where have you taken me?" she seemed to be saying as she whined ALL.NIGHT.LONG. "Where are we? Where is my hidey-hole? Where am I supposed to flee in this little house?" she whined and whined and whined. At 2am, with both of us awake, we attemped to banish her outside of the bedroom. Of course all she did then was scratch at the door and make an even bigger nuisance of herself, so we gave up. Annoying cat!!

So yes, we moved. It was a minor disaster, what with me getting mad at a flowerpot for being in my way (terracotta conspiracy!) and kicking the thing, injuring my toe and thus rendering me virtually useless for moving large pieces of furniture. Several people swooped in and saved the day, including our neighbor (who seemed delighted to get out of the house and even brought us donuts!), and then my lovely sister and father and brother-in-law. They drove down from Columbus and everything. They RAWK! It was really freakin' hot and humid and disgusting, but you know what they say, the family that sweats buckets, I'm not sure where I was going with that. Anyhoo, most of our stuff is in the new house, save some kitchen crap and all that random stuff you end up with once you pack your belongings. My brother-in-law had a great shirt on that was perfect for moving (I wonder if he wore it purposely or just happened to have it on?). It said "I'm not a pack rat, I'm a collector". How appropos. I've gotten better, but I definitely keep things that I probably have no reason to.

That's about it from here. If we ever get the energy to unpack, ya'll should come over for a barbeque.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Erin Nash, LMT

So I've gone and done it, I've passed the boards! I now have 3 more initials to add to the end of my name, how cool is that? I was at the airport, on the way to Philly, when my sis called with the news. I was buying buckeyes at Cheryl's cookies, for a certain buckeye-loving friend of mine, and I started jumping up and down (and possibly shrieking, I'm not sure). The Cheryl's ladies thought I was a little nuts, but that's OK. Then I called everyone I know and then I got on a plane! It's quite exciting being licensed, although it doesn't really change all that much. I can use those 3 initials and charge more, plus I can advertise and I'll finally be able to get rid of those stupid cards that said "student of massage therapy".

It turns out I'm kinda smart and I got a 92 on both sections of the test! How awesome is that? [pats self on back].

Work is crazy and I really need to be going but I just wanted to share. From now on, please don't forget to address all correspondence to Erin Nash, LMT!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Yeah I'm a slacker, so sue me

It's just so hard to blog when one has nothing new to report. I am STILL waiting on the results of the Medical Board exam, and really, not much else is happening. Summer is passing quickly and I can't believe it's August already. Last month I went to Chicago for Mar-Mar's baby shower, which was fun. I was a surprise guest, and the mom-to-be was definitely surprised. Fun was had by all, I got to stay with my friend Anmol, and we saw some Chicago sights. Struggled with an unfortunate bout of heat exhaustion on the day I left (oy vey, it was terrible), but all in all, had a good time. I am off to the city of brotherly love this weekend to visit with friends from Haverford. Adam just had a birthday, Finn made a daring escape attempt, and I accidentally Netflixed a movie I'd already seen. Sadly, that's about it. Haven't seen any new movies with Clive Owen!!

OK I just spilled water all over myself and must therefore flee. Bye all!

Edited to add: Just saw this tidbit from Toni Collette regarding her latest role and found it too hilarious not to repeat: "Miramax wanted me to shave my underarm hair, which I did not want to do. I was playing a junkie. I did end up keeping it. I felt that since I was creating the character, I should be in control of all bodily hair." BWAH! I'm totally in control of all my bodily hair, aren't you?

Edited to add #2: Most of you who know me know I am slightly obsessed with Pride & Prejudice, the newer version with Keira Knightley. Yes, I was reading another article about it, OK? But I found this hilarious tidbit about Judi Dench: But perhaps the most arresting memory that they take away from being on set with living legend Judi Dench is not her boundless fascination with acting but her penchant for subversive needlework. "She makes these like needlework embroideries on set in the tedium of filming", says MacFadyen, "but they are all: 'You Are a Cunt'. And she gives them as presents. And it's Dame Judi Dench. And she is doing this beautifully, intricate, ornate work. You kind of see the work materializing as the shoot goes on. Like: 'You Are a Fucking Shit.' Knightley remarks: "I love that! She gives this fantastic air. She just sits there and she embroiders and you think: 'Oh, that's so nice! It's Judi Dench. It's so quaint; she's embroidering a cushion,' and you go: 'What are you embroidering?' And (it says): 'Fuck!' Apparently she's got hundreds of them just covered in swear words or rude sayings."