Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So I have some kind of cold this week. I'm feeling much better today, although still very tired. I think a half day of work, sitting at my desk, has done me in. And my coffee? Not enough milk! And none to be had in this building, as far as I can tell. Darnit.

Woke up Monday with a sore throat and killer headache, plus, when I finally found the thermometer, I had a fever of 100.3! Yowsa. Needless to say, I stayed home and slept basically all day (I think I was awake for a total of 8 hours). Once I got some cold medicine -- for which I had to stand in line with all the druggies picking up their oxycodone (thanks Rite Aid in The Plains!) -- I felt much better. Yesterday I just chilled, slept outside on the hammock since the weather is unseasonably warm. I think I slept too much because then last night I couldn't sleep. Oh well!

We had crazy storms last night, like pouring rain and very high winds. I had to pee about 2am and you guys know what that means -- I had to go outside! It sucked but it really couldn't wait. Note to self: get chamberpot. Or, do you think I could get away with peeing in the cat box?

There's not much else going on, really. We have been watching Big Love and enjoying it. Also? JB got me Once, which I loved and this CD. She's going a little overboard on the 12 Days of Christmas gift-giving method, but I'm not complaining!

Hope you guys are having a good week.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hi Peeps!

funny pictures

Doesn't the cat on the right look like my old cat Hammie?

Could it be any colder? Wait, don't answer that.

It's been cold off and on so far, but last our pipes decided to freeze. Why God why? It's been colder at night before (it was a balmy 13 last night), so it's kind of confusing. The sad thing is we had this conversation right before we went to bed:

A: should I leave the taps running a little so the pipes don't freeze?

Me: nah, it won't be that cold tonight!

D'oh! What did I go and say that for?

It's been a weird week because of the holiday -- yesterday felt like Monday but was really Wednesday and I have no idea what day today feels like. It feels kind of like unbathed day, since we had no water this morning. I did brush my teeth at work but that's about the extent of my hygiene today. Sorry! Was that TMI?

Not too much going on. Christmas came and went, got a cute purse from my sis and I received a memo from JB that there are more presents on the way! Say it with me: WOO!

A's dad is doing fairly well considering. He has started to take some pain meds at night and has perked up some since then. He continues to amuse us with tales of his early-life debauchery. He so crazy!

Anna is loving being a basically inside dog. Wonder the Kitten won't stop attacking her, but she's been taking it very well. We would never leave them alone of course, but she mostly behaves herself, in that she doesn't try to eat him. It's kind of cute how persistent he is, but he doesn't seem to understand that she weighs 65 pounds and he weighs probably 6, so she could crush him with her left paw if she so desired.

I finished a kick-ass papier mache bowl for Jessie that I will have to post a photo of on here.

Hope you guys are having a good new year! Let's hear it for 2008!