Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April? Already?

Finn says Hi!

Sorry it's been so long since I said hello you all. I thought my life was really boring (and it is) but it was brought to my attention that some people actually like to log on and see what I'm up to. So, here is what's been going on lately!

My job is going well. I have been working on organizing things and concentrating on getting everything off the ground. We have been in this "Yeah, let's do that in the future" kind of state rather than "This is what we do". It's funny, we had our first real case since I got here, and afterwords, we all sat around and someone said "So what do we do now?" haha. We all laughed and I decided an impromptu planning meeting never hurt anyone, so we had one! People are looking to me for leadership, so I'm just going to decide things and worry about it later. Someone needs to make the executive decisions around here and I guess that's me.

Today I had a good time with my labelmaker and tagged and inventoried all the equipment we've got so far. Next week, hopefully, I will get to actually buy new equipment, then I can tag that too!

Other than that, I'm keeping busy with family visits (A's mom has been in Columbus), and I've got my Medical Board Exam Review class every Sunday from 1-5. The first session was really boring, in that we kind of already took this review class the last quarter, but I suppose it's good to keep it fresh. The weather has been nice since I got back from Miami (oh yeah, I didn't talk about that at all!), so we've been spending some time in the yard and outside. Tonight some dude is coming to hopefully mow our shamefully bedraggled lawn and we got a reel mower so we can keep it up. I wish I had some more time this weekend to play in the yard, but I've got the Calliope dress rehearsal Saturday, since I can't make the actual concert, and then I'm going up to Cols to have dinner with an old friend, spend the night, have breakfast with another old friend (it's old home week!), then my board review class. So really, no free time there, sadly.

Have been watching the 5th season of Six Feet Under the last few days and it's just so good. I was so sad to see that show go, as it was definitely worth all the hype it got. And Peter Krause is way hot. With regard to the movies, go see Slither! It's super-duper cheestetastic and really hilarious. Plus, contains a recurring musical joke featuring Air Supply -- what could be better?

Hope everyone is doing well. I will try and be a better blogger and write more often, including all the sordid details of the Miami trip.